Documentation for Kintura Tracker

Performance Tracking 101
Brief introduction to the basics of performance marketing tracking and media buying.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of your common questions and concerns.
Contaact™ Auto Optimizer
Optimizing campaigns automatically with Contakt™ by Kintura.
Features and Changes to Kintura
Campaigns: Fluent Workflow
Build a campaign all in one place
Campaigns: Individual Components
Adding campaign assets one at a time
Kintura ML
Why does Kintura's AI outperform all of the competitors?
Landing Pages
Creating and Managing Landing Pages
Creating and Managing Offers
Placement Advisor
Getting advice from Kintura on when to cut, run and scale up placements.
Affiliate Networks
Managing Affiliate Networks in Kintura
Editing and Filtering Marks / Markers
How to use the Kintura marks to filter traffic source variables
Smart Cost Update
How to quickly update costs for your campaign
Traffic Sources
Creating and managing traffic sources for performance marketing campaigns.
Embedding KinturaJS: More than just a landing pixel
Managing Campaign Routes
Internal Offers and Organic Traffic
Tracking your own traffic source and/or your own internal offers.
Reports and Drilldowns
How to drilldown & view reporting data
Domains, DNS and SSL
Adding a custom domain with SSL and optional Direct DNS
Using the Kintura API to manage your tracker.
KinturaJS + Thrive Cart
How to integrate Kintura with Thrive Cart with KinturaJS
KinturaJS + Shopify

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